Save time extracting dxf/dwg 2D profiles from PDF files

Rapidly extract part profile/toolpath information to CAD and collect part data.

What makes us different?

A single click

With a single click, you can isolate all of cutting geometries of a part. Unlike regular PDF to CAD conversions, PDF2PARTS delivers a clean, scaled CAD file with no need to clean up the file after conversion. This makes it ideal in the laser cutting industry.

Capture data


While viewing the PDF you can enter data in a floating panel on that view that will be delivered to you along with all of your drawings at the end of your session as zip file. You can capture Part name, Material, Thickness and Quantity

Secondary operations

You can specify lines in the PDF as bending lines which will be delivered to you on a different layer. With more secondary operations to come.

Multiple files

You can work on multiple, multi-page PDF files in one session

Simple pricing for your Business

Price is based on the number of parts extracted from the incoming PDF’s. This is measured by the number of individual CAD files that are made available for download.

One token = One CAD file

No monthly subscription

Purchase as needed


50 tokens ($1.00 each)

SMALL $125

250 tokens ($0.50 each)


500 tokens ($0.35 each)

LARGE $500

2,000 tokens ($0.25 each)

All prices are in USD

Any questions?